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“Day 16, Part 1: Adios, Buffalo New York.”
August 7 2002

Well, it’s around 9am and we’ll split this town somewheres around 11am on our real long drive to Boston, Mass., which, I believe, is nearly 8 hours on a good day. Today is a travel day so whenever we get into Boston, we can all do whatever we like but we’re usually so tired from those drives, you just sort of find a shady spot and lie down like the Family Dog.

I almost never mind long drives but I really don’t feel like doing todays, for what it’s worth. But I got a job to do and that’s just the way it is. You gotta get from point A to point B and, to be honest, this is a LOT less stressful than flying everywhere like we do in europe. If you figure the 2 hours before and after your airport experience, a 2 hour flight becomes a 7 hour flight. So you may as well drive. Sometimes, at least.

Ok, so this is part 1 and part two will come later, from Boston, this evening. All that’s left is Boston on thursday, New york on sat and sun and philly on monday. Then it’s back home (via a 3 day drive for Daddyo, Rusty and myself; everyone else will fly back…oops…also Daddyo’s wife, Traci, is flying out to Boston to day as well and she’ll do the Merch for the remaining shows and then drive back with us as well) for 3 days rest before flying to Aberdeen, Scotland to begin a 3 week European tour that includes several festivals. But at least we get our UK BOYS back, Micke, Glenn Povey and Ringo. Speaking of Ringo, he sent me an e-mail talking about he wants to go head to head with me at Pool. See, we used to play Pool against eachother all the time and, over the years (Ringo has raodied for Arthur Lee/Baby lemonade since about 1995), our record is pretty even against each other…about 75 wins to 76 wins (that’s me with 76…). So, we’ll have to make some time, I spose.

Mike Randle


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