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“Day 16, part 2: New York State of mind”
August 8 2002

Riding down the 90 hwy east, we passed thru a town called Uthica, and stopped for a snack break at one of those little road stop/gas/restauraunt places that blast country music artist doing modern day hits. But, for the most part, we have been driving thru western new york on our way to Boston, Mass.

Our show is tomorrow night so we have tonight off ( as well as friday off..and plan to try to see the Minnesota Twins play the Red Sox at Fenway park.), which will be kinda nice. Last time I played Boston, I was here and gone so fast I didn’t really see anything. So tonight I’m gonna find an interesting place to hangout.

Well, we’re about an hour west of the new york state capitol, Albany,which is , in turn, about 2 1/2 hours west of boston. Along the way we’re passing small towns like Little Falls and Dolgeville and insted of Bob Evans eateries there are Roy Rogers (not so good) and the Wafflehouse(which RULES!). So you can see how intersting (yawn) some of these drives are. At least in England, you can look at sheep on the side roads…

Speaking of the UK, we’re all really anticipating going back to the United Kingdom to tour. Even though we’re yankees and the USA fans have been great, the fans in the UK have stood by us thru thick and thin and treat like family, like Ainsley Adams, who made us a pie and brought it to the Southampton show back in June. But we’ve been treated wonderfully in places like SF, Minneapolis, Chicago, Detroit and Cleveland. But England just has it.

Mike Randle


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