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“Day 17, part 1; Boston, where everybody knows your name…”
August 8 2002

Dammit, Chris (roadie) woke me up this morning looking for keys to one of the vans. But I went to bed really late last night (Chap and I were watching some special on crop circles or something stupid like that…) and the knock came at the wrong time. But I got up and it was no big deal…saw Gene in the hall way and decided to go into town (on Mass. Street, where all the shops and restauraunts are) and buy a shirt and get some breakfast.

Well, I bought the shirt (and I really like it) but we couldn’t find a good place to get breakfast so we hopped in a taxi and planned to go back to the hotel but then Gene say a place that read: THE BREAKFAST CLUB and so Gene yelled,”Woh Woh Woh…right here!” to the cabbie and he let us out ($6.50 for, literally, a 2 minute drive…) and we had a nice breakfast. Rusty called Gene on his cell and soon Daddyo and Chapple joined us.

The weather is really wonderful today in Boston and the city just looks beautiful. Also, last night, Daddy, Rusty, Dave Chapple and myself discussed the idea of making a record together. It’s been 5 years since we did Baby Lemonade as a group (Chapple left in ’97 and Jim Laspesa played Bass from ’98 to 2000) and we had no plans to continue BL but we have been getting a few offers and we felt we should really look into this. We are still discussing it but, who knows? We are committed to playing the music of LOVE and being loyal to our boss. But a lot of you have inquired about this possibility so we are seriously thinking about it. But I’ll keep you posted. Of course, we appreciate some of you being kind enough to show your support, it’s not neccessary to keep yelling out,”Baby Lemonade” at the show, ok? When we’re up there, we’re LOVE. And tonight, LOVE plays the Middle East club in Boston!

Mike Randle


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