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“Day 17,part 2:Poolside, Swarmas jimmy riggin’ the Hotel TV.”
August 9 2002

Around noon, I decided to change the strings on the guitar strings on the Strat and Gibson 335. While I did that, Rusty, Daddyo and Gene went swimming at the Hotel pool. Around 2pm, Rusty came up with a DVD he’d bought on Mass. street (Lord of the rings) and then Chapple got out his tools and tried to re-wire the hotel TV so we could watch the DVD on the tv screen while playing it thru the MAC laptop. But, alas, it didn’t work. Normally, Chapple’s a regular Mc Guyver…but not this time…

Around 5pm we went to sound check and ran into Lisa Rosenberg, who is interested in doing some filming of the group, esp. the singer (smile). After soundcheck, we ate some more INCREDIBLE middle-eastern food.

Got back to the hotel around 8pm and Chapple took a nap while I watched the Pittsburgh Steelers/ NY Jets football game on TV and Rusty watched the rest of Lord Of The Rings on DVD. Also wanted to say thanks to all the folks who gave me all that great information on the Columbo episodes…just can’t say thanks enough…well, it’s 10pm and showtime is 11:30 tonight…more in part 3…

Mike Randle


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