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Mike Randle


“Day 2: SF To Eugene”
July 26 2002

Well, we left SF sometime around noon and embarked on our 10 hour drive, stopping at a couple of crappy places, included the “golden arches”, where Gene and I took advantage of the incredible deal of BUY 1 BIG MAC, GET THE OTHER FOR 1 CENT. Of course, I felt totally sick afterwards but that didn’t stop Gene from going back in line for a double cheeseburger. See what happens when a new yorker moves to Sweden for 15 years?

Well there were some really swell scenery along the way, like Mt. Shasta and the beautiful california redwood trees in northern cal. We got to our hotel around 10:30. Arthur got some rest while Gene, the band and our roadie, Chris went to a bar called JOGGERS, which is a totally macho sports bar where guys and gals get drunk and snog until they get to proper “shagging” grounds. Lucky for us, all these people decided not to come out tonight. So we ordered a couple of pictures and relaxed on a cool Eugene Oregon night. Gene called it a day around midnight but we all kept ordering. Chris ordered the cheese pizza but it actually looked like an english muffin with velveeta on top. afterwards, we went back to my hotel room and those guys bought beer across the street but I’d had enough.

Then Chris offered to make a taco bell run and we were like, yep, that’s a good idea, Chris. and after that, I was so tired I fell asleep right where I was sitting, which is exactly the way I woke up the next morning

Mike Randle


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