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“Day 3: Eugene, Or.”
July 26 2002

Got up this morning around 10am and hit the local internet cafe on 8th street, near our hotel. It was kinda expensive but the coffee wasn’t half bad, ok? bumped into Gene as I was finishing. He was on his way to Kinko’s to get some work done. I started to walk back to the hotel but ran into Chapple. Went back to the cafe for a bit and when we left we bumped into Rusty. we all went looking for Gene but when we got to kinko’s he wasn’t there. so we went walking back to the hotel where we bumped into daddyo. Then, it being about 1pm, we talked about food and settled on a Mediterranean cart in the city quad area. the grub was good.

So after that, went back to the hotel. Chapple was tired and took a nap. Rusty was busy trying to program star wars music in his cellphone and I changed Arthur’s guitar strings and put fresh ones on.

Around 4pm, we walked over to the venue (it was across the street from our hotel) and sound-checked, which went great. Arthur was napping and didn’t make it. Then we all went to a great BBQ place and had some great food (it was about 6 hours from the time we had that lunch, ok?).

After that, we came back and chilled some more at the hotel. The weather was very warm but it was nice to sit in the chairs outside the room and relax. So, around 9:45, we (Arthur included) walked to the venue and into the backstage area. 10:15 hit and we rocked and it was a lot better. during the show, there was a guy who looked like Gram Parsons,and I called him that from the stage. Either he pretended not to know GP or he really didn:t know who the guy was…

Photo’s: John Lake

The show went well and we finished and hung out till about midnight. Then it was back to my room for the guys to hang out and talk about nothing really, which is what guys do best! But we do it whilst drinking pints!

So it’s 2 am now and I’m headed for bed. I am tired and we don’t have to get up early…yoo…hooo!

Mike Randle


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