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“Day 23, part 2: almost to Indiana, avoiding Smokey and Cracker Barrel delivers the goods…”
August 16 2002

Well, we stopped for breakfast/linch at the Cracker Barrel not far from Dayton, Ohio. It was ver good indeed. England could use a few of these, trust me. Speaking of England, i’ll be in the United Kingdom 6 days from now and i’m not even home yet!

We just got a call from the singer to see how we were doing, which was very nice of the singer to do that. Rusty wants a tornado to happen…but he doesn’t want anyone to get hurt. Rusty’s blasting Elvis Costello’s BLOOD AND CHOCALATE in the van. Now, keep in mind, non of these guys want to say anything to the DIARY but now that they know the DIARY is getting 2,000 hits a day (yep, 2,000), Rusty wants to talk to the DIARY about his desire to see a tornado. Does that make me a celebrity? hope not!

Now that the tour is a day over i can reflect on it and say that there were some shows i thought were really memorable. First off, i feel that the Minneapolis show at the 1st ave. club was a good show. Even with the voice trouble, the Singer delivered one hell of a show. Now, that’s talent and dedication. I especially thought both New York shows were the best shows we did. It was great being let loose i Manhattan for 2 1/2 days and selling out both shows. Of all the shows, SF, NYC, Philly, Boston and Chicago sold out. Detroit and Cleveland were 90% sold out. Now Europe will show the USA exactly how it’s done, although the crowds that came to the American shows were 100% dedicated LOVE fans.

Wow, this rain storm is getting worse…Rusty might get his wish…yikes! Well, at this rate we’ll be in Los Angeles by friday afternoon, if we’re lucky. But this damn sped limit is about 55pmh and Smokey (aka, the fuzz, bka, THE HEAT but mostly known as the OHIO STATE TROOPERS.) State Troopers don’t play around. And between them and these red neck truckers trying to run us off the 70w, it’ll be a miracle if ever get home…

Now, a fan e-mailed me and suggested we stop somewhere in Indiana and I was like, dude, fuhgetaboutit. No offense to the good people of Indiana (and i use the words “good people” loosely…), but there’s not much to do or see in Indiana except to see where James Deans was burried. Ok, that takes 10 minutes; now what? Ooooh….we’ve just crossed into Indiana and guess what? more corn!

Rusty and I passed a convertable with 4 people in it and a sign that says AUSSIES ON TOUR. I never seen any dressed so colorful before. and what’s up with the black socks in summer? I predict they’ll get robbed in Kansas…if they make it that far…

Outrunnin’ Smokey…

Mike Randle


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