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Mike Randle


“Day 23, part 1: got them thar early morning blues, mama…”
August 16 2002

Imagine waking up in Columbus Ohio in a boring hotel off a boring highway and having to do laundry because you don’t have anything left to wear, which is starting to agrivate you. And then having a mosquito declare war on you and not leave you alone AND THEN you decide to hit the pool but it’s only 8:30am (also, you can’t sleep so you wake up early) but it’s locked until 9am. So you are stuck at a desk writing about how stuck you are at a desk at a dull hotel.

We need an oil change so we’ll be here at least another hour while this laundry dries. And the road can make you kind of touchy over the smallest of things. I mean, we just finished a 3 week tour but 3 weeks in the USA is tough. And, as much fun as we do have, it IS work. But i especially have respect for the people who work at these venues when they do a good job and it makes everything work out right. When we all do our jobs correctly it makes everyone else’s job easier. Unfortunately, the british haven’t quite figured that one out. Just stay ata hotel in England and you’ll know EXACTLY what i’m talking about…

So, we’ll be hitting the Highway again, with our next vistas being Indiana (the USA would be alot better off w/o this state…trust me, ok?), Mousouri, Kansas (we could REALLY do without this one) and hopefully, Colorado. The Rockies are so breath taking that it will almost be worth it to drive through Kansas to see them. Did i mention that Kansas Sucks? If you drive into Kansas, you can take a picture and then take a picture when you drive out of Kansas. Guess what? IT’S THE SAME F*CKING PICTURE! Because it’s all one big cornfield.

Now i know i’m going to get some e-mails from people trying to convince me otherwise but i’ve been through here quite a few times and i think i know what i’m talking about. Last time i was in Kansas, i asked for a cup of coffee with Half and half, please. The waitress looked at me ans said,” Hyalf aynd hyalf uhv whud?

So, figure us to plow (pun intended) through Kansas like it’s no tomorrow. Hopefully, there won’t be too many trailers on the 70W highway to slow traffic down. From Beautiful Columbus Ohio…

Mike Randle