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“Day 25/part 1: the beautiful rockies calleth”
August 17 2002

We made it as far as Denver last night and went to the Breckenridge Brewery (right across the street from COORS FIELD, no less!) for some well-needed food and libations. Downtown Denver was really nice looking and the people sure are friendly n stuff.

After that, we went to our hotel (actually our motel) and checked in, dead tired. I got some nice e-mails from a couple of people in Cleveland saying how much they dug the show and how they went out and bought Baby Lemonade’s latest CD, the HIGH LIFE SUITE. Thanks! Also, got really nice e-mail from LOVE fan from Detroit that referred to me as a character…but I get the feeling she meant it in a good way. Maybe she just likes me?

So we took off from Denver around 9am and plowed thru the rockies, which were breath-taking…I didn’t get much sleep and really haven’t slept much in a week. My eyes are red and i guess i just need to get home and sleep in my own bed for a change. Although, personally, I don’t really mind sleeping in hotels. It’s a weird life…checking in and checking out.

You can forget what room you are in and I’ve even tried to open a door, only to realise the # was a room I’d had 3 DAYS AGO! But, all in all, I don’t mind the hotel life. Just give me enough towels and a warm blanket. Speaking of Hotels, I stopped talking about them when fans started showing up at our hotels. Really! This happened in Boston, New York and Philly.

Well, our destination tonight is Las Vegas, which is 500 miles from where we are now (which is the Utah/Colorado border), which should get us in LV around 8pm (it’s 1:30pm now but there will be a time change in our favo coming up enventually…). So, tonight will be in Las Vegas, just as I suspected!

Mike Randle


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