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“Day 26/part 1: Please don’t say that word, Buffet…”
August 17 2002

Well, we pulled into Las Vegas around 7pm whcich means we left Grand Juction Colorado at 1pm (after the delicious SUBWAY lunch) at and drove 0ver 500 miles in 6 hours. Maybe it something to do with the fact we were doing 90mph the whole time? You keep one eye on the road and one eye on smokey and floor it, pretty much.

So after we check in hotels we decided to try out the Tropicana’s $12.98 all-you-can-eat Island Dinner. Now, one thing about me, i’m not much of a gambling man. But, after tryng out the buffet i’m going to have to say that i am a gambling man because i took a big chance at that buffet and i lost.

Of course, when we woke up this morning, the first thing Daddyo said was, “there’s a buffet downstairs for breakfast; anyone wanna go?” So i’m thinking, oh man…please..no way. My stomach feels like crap. Come to think of it, i feel like going back to sleep…but we gotta split…time to Leave Las Vegas….

Mike Randle


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