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Mike Randle


“Day 5: Vancouver blues”
July 28 2002

We were cleared by our booking agency to work in Canada. 3 weeks ago, we were issued work permits. But as we got to the border, the Canadian border folks decided that they didn’t want Arthur in Canada. I don’t think I can add that much more information. Everyone knows that Arthur served 5 years on a felony charge. But the charge was overturned and Arthur was released. The Canadian government has this information. But they made a judgment call on their part to not allow the band to perform in Canada. It’s completely out of our hands, unfortunately. I mean, why pick on us? Everything is in order and all the groundwork for this tour was done 3 weeks in advance. Of course, this is the pacific northwest we’re talking about…some very uptight fishing and hunting lot. If we were entering through Toronto or Windsor, I bet we’d be in Canada right now. But these conservative bootlicking son-of-s-bitches had to put on a show and basically keep us in that crappy excuse for a building for 2 hours…while these bozos ate Pizza! We’re on a mission to rock and they are eating Pizza. Gene showed one of them the Forever Changes CD (he wanted proof we were a band…I guess those guitars and drums in the cargo van were a prop?) and the guy looked at it and said, “This sales PROMOTIONAL NOT FOR SALE” ha! So we got a border knucklehead who can also read! Now, why aren’t these guys doing something better with their time? Like maybe watching minor league hockey or eating Tim Horton donuts or practicing how to say “about” and “out” and “Mr. Kraut” instead of “aboot”, “oot” and “Mr. Kroot”. humor aside, I love Toronto and the Canadian people are the best music lovers. But the way the USA and CANADA act towards one another at the border is terrible. And imagine, if 1 person at that border crossing had recognized Arthur, everything would be fine. We did what we were supposed to do. It was simply out of our control. Our apologies to all our Canadian fans. Those border bastards are chumps.

Mike Randle


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