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“Day 4; eugene to portland/the show”
July 28 2002

Woke up in Eugene around 9am. Went and got coffee, surfed the net. got back to the hotel around 11am, chilled with Chapple. By the way, Chris, our roadie, calls Dave Chapple, “C-H to the apple”. ok, got that out of the way…

Pulled into portland around 3pm. now, I got a really long story about our hotel and I plan to write it on our way up to Vancouver. But these people at this hotel…well, I’ll contain myself…for now…

Ok, so this show in portland…I feel it was one of the best LOVE shows…but since I am in my hotel room and Gene, Chapple, Daddyo and Rusty ARE in here as well…why don’t I let them do the talking? Ok, who wants to type? Ok, no one wants to talk so never mind, right? Besides, these guys aren’t even worthy of gracing the “business end” of my keyboard. Ok, laughing’s over…

It was super great to see Seattle Brad, who chimes in on the message board on the love website. He bought us (the band plus our roadie, Chris)a round of beers (THANKS BRAD!!!!!!!!!!) We listened to zydeco music while we ate. Went back to the hotel and Chapple and I fell asleep for an hour, only to be woken up by Gene’s “Downstairs in five minutes” call.

We all got in the van and got to the venue. Went on about 10:30 and straight super-rocked. Tonight’s show, in my humble opinion, was up there with the show in Amsterdam…and ask the FREEDOM MAN: that WAS the best show…I don’t care what anyone says!!!!

Arthur was brilliant, spot on, And consistently told the audience how much he loved them! After the show, we hung out with Jef, from the local paper (and a local great DJ…who also happened to write a very DEEP song about Arthur called…um, Arthur Lee. he was real cool..

So, afterward, we all headed back to the hotel. Arthur and Chris went to their respective hotel rooms and the rest of us hung out in Chapple and my room. Drinking beers, chilling out and talking about such a fun and wonderful show. And also fun and wonderful portland folks. Portland rules: can’t say it enough…

Mike Randle


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