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“Day 6/part 2: 80 miles to Seattle, ya’ll”
July 29 2002

Well, it looks like the Canadian problem might be solved soon. Sometimes all it takes is an important phone call. Stay tuned. That aside, I am riding along the 5 interstate hwy with light rain, cloudy skies and beautiful mountains all around me. We’re all looking forward to the show at the EMP skychurch. We want to leave the west coast rocking before we Feast in the East (as Ed says!). Big thanks again to Scully and Natasha (don’t mess with her..she’s tough, ok?) for putting on the boxing gloves and going toe to toe against the doubters. If the portland show was any indication, LOVE is ready to rock it and if anyone feels like DON IN SF, then you might be better off staying home and listening to your grateful dead records. Not only did DON IN SF offend the SF LOVE fans by calling them “Mojo Readers” (as if they’re only fair weather fans and HE’S the real fan), DON IN SF also gives legal advice. Now I can understand people having the right to say anything they well please, but explain the point in Don’s letter to me. I mean, it’s obviously personal. But, for someone who was wrongfully made to live behind bars for 5 years and narry say much about it to take up the subject with a sympathetic audience (they were mostly cheering, remember, DON?) is not worthy of a “4th strike.” But this is the kind of classless BS that happens when 1 person thinks 1 show is strictly for themselves. Listen, we try our damnest to give everything to the show and the fans. Arthur has played 30 shows since May 14. 1 show where he wants to talk about his experiences is no crime. 1 show out of 30. So go easy on a guy who’s committed to following the music and not the music scene. Several of you have posted about him walking out to the people in line at BIMBOS with a glass of wine in his hand. But did anyone write that he picked 10 people and gave them free tickets?

So DON IN SF needs to chill a bit. Don’t be so quick to judge.

Mike Randle


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