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“Day 6/part 3: your money’s worth”
July 28 2002

I don’t know what was better, hanging out with brad and his lovely woman or just checking ALL the cool stuff out in the EMP concert hall. We played a great show, in my opinion, and the crowd seemed to enjoy it. There were a few folks from Vancouver so I won’t critisize the stiff Audience. AND YOU can’t blame it on the age…the older folks were digging the groove. Seattle is sort of conservative like that..and didn’t I tell you? See, in portland, people come to DO IT right. In Seattle, it was definitely laid back. But the club were the best I’ve ever seem…simply a picture of integrity. The person in charge, Jen, did a wonderful job and everyone in the entire building, from the sound crew to the security guard, were the best. So, thank you Seattle!

It was super great to see jazmaan there with his 2 teenagers. As far as the how goes, Arthur was excellent and , guess what? Snoopy showed up! Snoopy was backstage talking to Arthur and Arthur’s buddy, Leon Hendrix (Jimi’s brother). so there I was right in the midle of these guys. What a life, huh?

Leon Hendrix

So Rusty, Chapple and I went back to the hotel (which was walking distance) and Gene and Daddyo took the cargo van to the hotel…but Chaple and Rusty and I made, ahem, a STOP for some, ahem, LIBATIONS…

so that is where I stand…before our 2 DAY DRIVE TO Minnesota…

Mike Randle


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