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“Day 8: part 3; Are we still in Fargo? You betcha!!!”
July 30 2002

Ok, so we’re in a hwy motel called MOTEL 75, which is right off the 94 hwy that meets the 75 hwy. There are no real hotels anywhere arounf here and the freeway is so broken up with construction that it’s a miracle we even got here.

We drove all day and it’s been looney, just driving thru Montana and North Dakota for 13 hours. Although we did pass some interesting historical sites, like LEWIS AND CLARK, those 2 blokes that hired the America Indian, Sacajouweea, to show them this part off America without gettig arows in their tails. And then there is the battle of the little bighorn, which features general Custer and his big mouth taking his troops into the Little Bighorn to “wipe out some ingines”, as the troops would say. But poor Custer wrote a check that his ass couldn’t cash because the Idian chief, sitting bull, was ready for Custer, even though the US Soldiers were to be feared, they were surrounded in little bighorn and, as midwesterners are apt to say, Custer and his troops got an old fashioned Ass-whuppin’, Montana style. And there are graves that mark the battle, over 150 years later.

But to cut a long story short, we finally made it to Fargo for a nights rest. But it was so late when we got here that we had to get some crappy food to take back to the hotel…yuk!

Ok, so to rank THIS place, I would say that the woman at the reception could care less about just about anything. She’s not interesting in your life or how many towels you need or, as STEW will tell you, your well roasted duck. She just wants to be left alone to watch Buffy The Vampire Slayer and pick her nose. Although you know, deep down, she’s anybody’s for a 6-pack and 2 shots of WILD TURKEY, you keep walking as fast as you can and leave that mistake to Jethro or Junior or Earl or Billy Joe or Bobby Dean or Fizzy or Dude (I bet there’s a guy named Dude) or just about anybody with a pick-up truck, a pack of smokes and Jumper cables. Now that’s what i call love.

So I leave missy downstairs to her vices. I can only hope the coffee is good. I mean, we pay good money for it (well, WE don’t pay for it but you get the point) so we oughta get some respect. And the food we ate tonight was crap so I give both the hotel AND the food the FINGER.

AND THAT’s my assessment.

Ok, all kidding aside, I wanted to say a goodbye to a good friend and a good person, Dennis, who pased away Sunday. I used to shop at the record store he worked in in Hollywood (Aron’s) and he was best friends with one-time Baby lemonade basist, Jim Laspesa. Dennis was one of the nicest people and came to BL shows and was also a Arthur Lee fan. A Prayer out to him from those of us who pray would be greatly appreciated for a guy who absolutely lived for the love of music.Dennis will be missed by all those who knew and loved him. I don’t grow much facial hair, but I always admired his cool side burns. Rest in peace, D.

Mike Randle


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