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“Day 9, Part 1: The perfect storm, fargoo doughnaughts and getting out of North Dakota in the nick of time.”
July 31 2002

Yesterday, I accidently hit my leg on the Van door. Although it hurt, it didn’t seemed like a big deal until this morning. Now I’ve got a big briused knot on my left knee that hurts like a mofo…It’s 10am and we should hit Minneapolis arou 1p, to which I am going to ice my knee so I can walk without limping.

Well, tonight’s show is at the 1st ave. club, you know, the PURPLE RAIN club. I’ve played there before…they’ve got a nice pool table and some fun video games. Also, Minneapolis has some of the cutest chicks around, for those of you tired of the midwestern farm girls from Wisconsin.

As soon as we left Fargo, a storm chased us for about 40 miles-rain and lightning and stuff-but we appear to have it beat. So, now we’re in eastern Minnesota, where there are over 10,000 lakes, which is why their old basketball team in the 1950’s was named the LAKERS. Of course, this is before they moved to LOS ANGELES and became the dominant force that we know today!

Boy, if I say it once, I’ll say it 10 times; couldn’t get out of fargo fast enough. Now, I really liked the movie, but there just isn’t much to do in Fargo except hang out at Taco bell (like the locals), tip cows or (god forbid) shag the sheep. Although, fishing and hunting appears to be the choice of fun. I’ll stick to music.

Mike Randle


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