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Denmark Rocks and goes home

Today is sunday and i’m on a train somewhere in denmark, on my way to stockholm, sweden. Two nights ago, we played a great show-playing nearly every song we know-at the pumphauset in Copenhagen. There were a lot of happy fans, one of which was miming his own dance-hand gestures to every song. A real treat! We all had fun and afterwards, Arthur hung out with all the fans that stayed after the show, signing autographs and posing for pix.

We were invited to a party by Jonas, the guy who’s party we went to the last time we played, but we decided to go to the hotel with Bent and hang out in the hotel bar and drink some Tuborg (beer) and relax. I got hungry around 3am and went strolling near Tivali square and found a kabob place I’d been to 6 years earlier. The food was great and there were people out and about, paying no attention to the time. As I returned to my hotel room (4am), it was beginning to get light outside!

The next morning, Bent got us up and we piled in the van and he drove for two hours to Randers, Denmark. We checked in our hotel and went to the club, Tante Olga, soundchecked for about 45 min. Then the club owner, Leif, gave us dinner, which was quite nice really,…something like turkey strogonoff. I asked Leif about the local beer, Thor, and if he liked it. See, when I was in Odense, Torbin said Thor beer was better than Tuborg-and I love Tuborg, so I asked Leif if Torbin was right. The sound guy, John Wall, explained it like this: there is an advertisement that has a horse drinking out of a pail and the pail says TUBORG and he’s pissing in a pail that says THOR. You get the pix! So I stuck with the Tuborg. We finally went on stage around 9pm and proceeded to straight ROCK for about 90 minutes.

Afterwards, Arthur again hung out with fans and signed autographs while Rusty and Chapple and I talked to Torbin. We finished our beers and then went for a kabob across the street from the hotel. There were some LOVE fans that were there earlier and the owner told me all they talked about was the concert! Decided to go to sleep around 1am and got a wake up call from Gene around 10:30am today for breakfast. But the breakfast was not very good. As a matter of fact, Bent called it the worst breakfast he’d ever had…and he’s Danish! Well, this was our last day with Bent, as he’s starting a tour with another band so we won’t have another road manager until the UK when Ringo jumps aboard…and oh won’t that be fun!

So, I’m writing this on gene’s lap top on a rather bumpy train ride on our way to Stockholm and a day off. Those 3 shows we played were all fun and the fans have been great. Oops! Almost forgot…we met two cool Scottish guys who swore the Scots are the most dedicated LOVE fans. Well, I’m gonna go back to my beer and smoked salmon dinner. Until next time

Mike Randle


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