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The Beautiful Danish People
May 17 2002 + Photo

After our super long flight wed from los angeles that seemed like forever, we finally arrived in Esbjerg, Denmark, a small town about 2 hours from Odense. Gene and our Danish Road manager from the ’96 tour, Bent, met us at the airport. we drove to our hotel, checked in and then found a nice Irish pub called PADDY GO EASY and Rusty, daddo, chapple gene and i proceeded to have pints and yuk it up. When i woke up the next morning, i watched the most amazing episode of Rikki Lake. (Go Rikki!) We checked in our hotel and then scattered, wondering around a bit, shopping and such. Gene and Arthur went to grab a bit as Chapple, daddio and Rusty went site seeing and i went and got a kabob and headed back to the hotel to watch more Rikki Lake. We left the hotel thursday afternoon as Bent drove us to Odense, Denmark.

Bent and i went down to the club prior to sound check and met up with Torbin, the Danish bloke who runs a LOVE site and has for years. We chatted as i pulled my guitars out and messed around a bit while the club made us some coffee. It was great to see him and he pretty much hung out all through sound check until we (the band ) left for dinner. We got back to the club around 9pm and hit the stage about 9:30 and rocked for a good hour and a half. It was a good show and we certainly redeemed ourselves from the 1996 show! Afterwards, we all hung out back stage with a guy named Paol who worked at the club, and Jan, the Sound guy. Arthur was having a great time and hung out with fans down by the front bar. later, the rest of the guys left for the hotel and Arthur and I decided to stay behind and sign autographs and have a few beers with LOVE fans. it was a good choice! Fater ahile, Arthur wanted to get some sleep so i had a taxi take us both to the hotel but i went back to the club to retrieve my jacket but no one answered to the door to the club! So, there i stood, pounding on the door for half an hour. but then a danish chick named Meds and her boyfriend from the show saw me and we walked to a bar and they were nice enough to buy me drinks. Then that bar closed and then i went to yet another bar. and i stayed there until about 5 am. i think it started getting light about 4 am. i left the club after 2 knuckleheads started fighting each other for no reason. It was such a fun night and one of the best parts was there was a guy at the bar at the club and he said his friend, Jonas Boeskon, was the bloke who took Rusty, Chapple and I to that party 6 years ago and he’s coming to the Copenhagen show as my personal guest!

Fotos by Jens Carl Laursen

So, there are many surprises here in Odense, the first city …again. Speaking of Odense…the crowd was lighter this time but equally dedicated! Very beautiful people indeed…

Well, we did our 2 hour drive from Odense to Copenhagen and arrived in Cop around 2pm. Since we’d all been there before, we just kinda went on a walk to re-introduce ourselves to the Danish town again. I was still thinking about last night’s show and how it was the first one n’ all. But the show tonight in Copenhagen put Odense out… (sorry Torbin!)…not only did we play a really fun great show (and 3 encores!!!), Arthur stayed after the show and signed every single autograph from every fan that asked.

It was a truly fun show and i’m glad i took part in it. It had been a slow day with us driving up from Odense…like a 2 hour drive but there was such a beautiful, gorgeous Danish farm stretch that was very easy on the eyes.

We must have played 20 +songs at the Pumphauset!

It was a nice experience and we all have a the best of times. We were offered a party but had to pass as we were so ´tired (sorry!) but i was the best to get some sleep (although i am not sleepiing now because it’s, 3am!

Mike Randle


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