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Leeds and Northwards
August 29, 2002

It’s roughly 30 mins before sound check at Newcastle’s ‘Opera House’. I slept the whole way from Leeds so I didn’t catch any of the (no doubt) interesting English countryside. A little while ago I got hungry and KFC on Newgate and Grainger streets for some much anticipated 11 herbs and spices. I was and devoured the three-piece meal without mercy and immediately felt sick afterwards….

Last night, in Leeds we played the Irish Centre to an enthusiastic crowd. I believe we did one encore. But we also played ‘Que Vida’ and ‘Good Humour man’ as well as the singer dedicating (per my request) ” August” to Love fan, Martyn Samuels, who’d flown over from Johannesburg! My only complaint about the Irish center is I thought the complimentary staff were a bit ‘out to lunch’, not really caring if we ate or not and only providing a small amount of beer backstage. Most venues have those things properly sorted, but I suppose no one is perfect. Not to mention there was no security and people were walking backstage at will until Ringo put a stop to it. Plus, I left my mobile phone in Ringo’s backpack and won’t see him for 3 or 4 days.

But at least I slept for 10 hours last night. I was dead tired and just drained. After tonight’s show we drive to one of England’s oldest cities, Colchester, for a day off before ferrying over to Holland and the ‘Nightgown’ club in Rotterdam.

From my Hotel room (the 6th floor of the Quality Inn Suite) on Newgate, I have a beautiful panoramic view of cathedrals and old buildings in and around the City Centre. So OK this diary entry ends, as Mick Brown (our tour mgr) is knocking at my door.

Mike Randle


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