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Arthur Leeds!!! By Martyn Samuels
August 28, 2002

Mike asked me to do this diary report on Tuesday’s gig at the Irish Centre in Leeds, thanks, Mike! Well, this was one hell of a show. A really great crowd, lots of humour from Arthur, and 100% stunning versions of everything you ever wanted to hear.

Every song that has been played on the tours so far featured a beautiful The Good Humor Man. Arthur enjoyed every minute, constantly thanking the audience and noticeably moved by the reception. The whole band was on top form; there\were many high spots, one being Dave “Stand Up Daddyo” Green and Mike highlighting on a stellar version of August. It was sensational.

Sitting through the soundcheck, hearing Good Humor Man, Your Mind and We and August in try-out mode, I knew this was going to be a special night. The Irish Centre is a pretty unprepossessing place on the outskirts of the centre of Leeds, a few houses round the corner, a dilapidated pool room opposite, but as I was told, this was where Oasis played just before they made it big! Well Arthur and the band could knock anyone off any pedestal last night.

The extended harmonica playing on Signed DC, like at Canterbury on Sunday, was so heartfelt, his guitar on My Flash On You was stronger than usual, the references to George Bush adding an extra element too. Rusty’s helping hand with some of the lines and Arthur’s acting out the lyrics on Andmoreagain and Live and Let Live were more overt too and greater fun for it.

Every song sounded fresh, Mike was jumping, really cranking the sound up, Arthur was rushing back and forth to Rusty for the next line of Good Humor Man, smiles all the time.

The ambiguities still abound too. A while back The Daily Planet was the worst song Arthur thought he’d ever written; up on stage last night he introduced it as a special request “from myself”.

The crowd was a good mix of ages with tons of young ‘uns singing along and calling out.

The final laugh was saved for the finale. On the encore Singing Cowboy, Arthur left the stage, letting the band finish up while he went and sat at the bar, well…he is Arthur Lee isn’t he!!

On a personal note, I want to thank Mike and Arthur for the August dedication. I felt like I was 14 again! REALLY great stuff and much appreciated. The band and the whole crew are the best of guys. And a big thanks too to Love site stalwart LizzyB and Chris for putting me up while I trek through the North of England for these wonderful gigs. Love fans are the best in the world, it’s official!

If anyone reading this hasn’t seen this band yet, then please….get to Newcastle tonight.

Mike Randle


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