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LOVE fans, unite!
April 26 2002

I get some of the nicest e-mails from Arthur Lee fans all over the world and I have to say that LOVE fans are beyond description; they simply are the greatest and I’m fortunate to be playing music with someone who made (and makes) such beautiful music and is appreciated by such dedicated fans. Lately, I’ve been up to the usual, which means rehearsing for the tour and getting ready for the knitting factory show. Last night’s rehearsal was mind blowing. We’d just finished playing a song when, out of nowhere, Arthur broke into “My flash on you” with such intensity and determination, I could only imagine what is was like to see LOVE circa ’65; I envisioned a smoky late night at “Bido Lido’s” (now called the “Opium Den”, on Yucca and Cosmo street in the scummiest part of Hollywood) with the original LOVE plowing through their set and “My Flash” as the crescendo of such an amazing musical experience.

Last week we switched studios (we normally rehearse at Dave Chapple’s studio in Lincoln Heights, which is basically an artist loft area north of downtown Los Angeles) and wound up at a big sound stage in Hollywood for a few days. It was really great and Arthur invited friends down and told us to invite friends down and we even had a disco ball happening! Richard Creomlin, pop critic from the Los Angeles Times, stopped by and sat through 17 or 18 songs, tapping his feet and everything (Even Eddie Van Halen’s Guitar tech, Doogie, stopped by to listen for a while.) He later thanked us for letting him come down and interviewed Arthur just yesterday for a feature that’ll come out next week in the times. A.L. has been doing so much press lately, more than I’ve ever seen from him.

Got an e-mail from a LOVE fan, Paul, who (along with friends) plan to fly to our show in Barcelona from his home in Scotland, then back to Glasgow for our show there and then to Edinburgh, I believe. Now that’s a fan! So this seams to be turning into more than just a trip of shows through Europe but almost like a celebration of Arthur’s return, if these e-mails are any indication. Bands like Belle and Sebastian and Teenage Fanclub are fans of LOVE and Trik Turner has a hit in the USA sampling Arthur’s version of “Five string Serenade.” Arthur’s ready to rock again, has a slew of new songs and has his sights set on bigger, better things. We try to make sure the music gets played right. And all this couldn’t have a come at a better time.

Mike Randle


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