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News From London
April 11 2002

Right about now I’m pinching myself. Just got off the phone with Arthur Lee who is in London doing various interviews/ photo ops with Magazines like Mojo, Record Collector, NME, Uncut, and several others. Accompanying him on the trip is LOVE drummer (and original Baby Lemonade member), David “Daddyo” Green. They met up with LOVE road crew members, Mike “Ringo” Harrison and Richard “Rocky” Meehan. Apparently, they were all able to get in a few pints and a few games of pool on the trip (but according to Daddyo, Arthur didn’t really drink much of anything but water.) So I suppose they called me to “rub it in” how they’re kicking back in London, enjoying themselves (to give you an idea of how much fun they were having, Arthur sang me a verse of Allan Sherman’s, “Mutha Fadda” over the phone!) But the business at hand was going very well and, with shows for the European Spring tour selling out, this press opportunity will only increase the excitement that is spreading from Hollywood to Barcelona.

While those guys were living it up in London, LOVE bassist, Dave Chapple, has been busy running and constructing the official LOVE website (www.lovewitharthurlee.com), as well as coming up with some t-shirt designs and anything else you can think of. Arthur also told me that he’s said very good things about the band in the English press, and also mentioned something flattering about my guitar playing so now I really have to practice! Being a musician is lots of fun but being one with Arthur Lee is really fun. It’s also demanding, but there’s no other feeling than playing those songs. Just ask Das Damen or Shack or High llamas or any other musician that’s ever played with Arthur Lee.

Rehearsals will most likely resume Tuesday in Chapple’s Downtown Los Angeles studio. We’re all excited about the Spring tour and can’t wait to get together and work on the songs…get them to sound better than ever. Basically, Arthur is the “general” when it comes to playing the songs and making changes. Rusty plays an important part in that, if we’re at the studio early, Rusty sings the lead parts and points out things in the arrangements that may need to be tightened up a bit. And me? I just keep a diary of it all!

Since we’ve had a week off since our Spaceland show, there’s not a whole lot to write about..so I’m going to Las Vegas. When I return, it’s back to the studio, back to the music, back to the excitement of LOVE with Arthur Lee.

Mike Randle


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