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“No Bummer this Summer; part deux” 
July 4 2002

Now Toronto is a very cool city and it kind of reminds me of Boston in some ways, NYC in other ways, especially Queen street and the fact that their is such a variety of people leaving there. There are great bars and resteraunt on the Danforth, as well as Queen street and, for people who want to do some very unique shopping (like clothes or beads or whatever) and maybe sample some carribean food, I suggest kensington market, which is north of west Queen. Now, if you like Jamaican food, there’s nice place on east Queen called, “Real Jerk.” And for the adventureous, there’s a nice strip club across the street (I forget the name but trust me on this one.)

From there, the tour heads to Boston, where we play the Middle East club. I’ve been to Boston once and thought it was a nice town but i didn’t have a lot of time here. I did play a club opposite Fenway park (one of the oldest ballparks in America, by the way), but that’s as close as I got to the Red Sox! After that show, we play the Bowery Ballroom (which i’ve played 2x already), which is just below Soho (SOuth of HOusden) in manhattan. There’s so much to do in NYC there’s no point in me even getting started. but there is an amazing, no, THE MOST AMAZING resteraunt in NYC that my pa;. Michael Shelley, took Daddyo and I to in the east village. I am prevented from saying the name because it’s one of those things that new yorkers take seriously; they don’t want everyone and their mamma eating at the place they know and love. So, out of respect, I will only say it’s a very small place in the east village, near the corner!

And I now see that we’ll be playing a show in Philadelphia on August 12, which means it’s a MUST that i stop by JIM’s STEAKS on south and 4th street for one of those huge, authentic PHILLY CHEESE STEAKS. Anyone who’s been there will tell you that it’s like the size of your elbow to your wrist; a huge, thick “Baggette-type” of bread, split down the middle but not seprated. Then they add a mountain of tasty, thick sliced steak that’s been marinated and cooked with seasoned bellpeppers and onions. But that ain’t all…get this; they top it off with a healthy squirt of CHEESE WIZ! No lie! This is what they call a true Philly Cheese Steak. If you don’t feel your arteries hardening after you eat it, then you didn’t go to the right place.

And that’s it, so far, for our future USA dates. And that gives us about a week before we head off to Scotland and England. Hopefully, we’ll get some decent weather this next time around in the UK. heck, who am I kiddin’?

Mike Randle


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