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Mike Randle


“Regime change NOW!”
Oct 23 2002

Me and the prez, ‘OL Dubya, don’t agree on much of anything. He says, “Toe-May-Toe” and I say “Toe-Mah-Toe.” He says north and I say south. But something we both agree on is that there is a world leader possessing weapons of mass destruction (or grave destruction, depending on if you watch CNN or MSNBC) who needs to be stopped, maybe even killed. But one thing is certain; This particular World Leader and his government need to be changed and a more fairer, more democratic government needs to be enacted that reflects the PEOPLE and not so much the OIL. This is President Bush’s position. And I couldn’t agree more.

Unfortunately, this particular world leader who possesses weapons of mass destruction cannot be replaced until the 2004 November elections but we CAN change his regime in 2 weeks. That’s right, I’m talking about GEORGE W BUSH’s Republican Bozos in Congress and in the Senate. So I am gonna do my best to vote each and every one of these assholes out of office, and if you are an American registered voter, the diary suggests you do the same. As my friend, Dan says, “REGIME CHANGE BEGINS AT HOME!” And, for a limited time, you can download your very own color poster saying that very sentence. Simply go to http://www.moveon.org/PAC_regimechange2/ and you’re on your way.

But, hey, Brits can do it as well to show Tony Blair that maybe he should start looking for a new job as well. And the English don’t let their Leaders “wallow” around for 2 months after they lose an election. THE WILL KICK YOU OUT ON YOUR ASS in less than 24 hours after you lose. I say, the minute “Dubya” loses, we speed him along by packing his stuff up the week before. He, his alky daughters, his crack-smoking niece, and his almost-as-dumb-as-dirt brother, Governor Jeb Bush.

Now, I know what you’re thinking; Jeb is dumber than George? Hard to believe, ain’t it? Just imagine when Jeb runs in 2008 and wins, we can say we had a hat trick of dummies in office. But hey, if you got some money, you can be president too. And what’s up with this sniper? And, why can’t we just “ease” him over, more to the north and closer to the Capital? I mean, if you are gonna “take some people out”, why do it to regular, working, good people? There are perfectly good targets on Pennsylvania Ave…..

Mike Randle


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