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“Extra Biscuits, please”
Oct 22 2002

summer of love flyer

Our flight left Burband Airport around 10:30 and we were in oakland by 11:30, where a film crew awaited us, but more specifically, the SINGER. This is the same film crew from the Kinitting Factory show and the SF Bimbo’s show earlier this summer.

We were met by the Festival reps and taken to The Nob Hill hotel, which was about a 10 min walk to the festival. But then we get there and it turns out our rooms are ready till 3pm and it’s only 12:30. So we head over to the festival to eat and check out some of the music. The sound system seemed to be struggling and the scene was sparsely attended.

Then headed back to the hotel, once our rooms were ready and the receptionist was a real bitch-and-a-half! She seemed completely incapable of doing anything in a timesly manner…ran into Keith Stodart, from Glasgow, and got him a backstage pass. Although he’s writing a diary of this as well, I hope he mentions how the woman who hands out the passes didn’t believe he was Scottish and wanted him to “lay his tackle on the table” and “unfold it, if you must” to prove he was a Scotsman! We were both laughing at this and you can read Keith’s diary to find out more conclusive things on the “tackle” incident.

Mike Randle


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