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Mike Randle


“Team LOVE”
November 4, 2002

Now that the weekend has slipped by, it’s back to working on the music. Can’t put into works how lucky I feel, working on tunes with someone I never thought I ‘d ever even meet. Rusty and I had a friend named RENO and he had a tape(back in the 80’s) called LOVE REVISITED and he played it for us. We were blown AWAY! 5 or 6 years later, we got the opportunity to open for his band. That next year we were playing all over Europe. 6 years later (again), we’re all working on and recording new LOVE songs and preparing for 3 to 4 months of non-stop touring USA, Europe, UK, JAPAN and AUSTRALIA doing the FOREVER CHANGES album (with orchestra!), the standard hits and new songs (for a change!) Where has the time all gone?

I was speaking to the SINGER yesterday and I told him this was the best band I’ve ever played in…and I meant it. We just all better musicians now and alot older and a lot wiser. I mean, I still snore and Chapple still throws things at me in the middle of the night to make me stop, but we know there’s a bond between us all, be it a band member or a friend or a fan, we were all crossing our fingers that the rumors of the SINGER’s bogus charges being overturned were true. And true they were. And then I was hoping Gene Kraut would hop back aboard and kick things in gear. And he did. We did our first rehearsals in early Febuary and our first (unannounced) show April 2, at Spaceland.

Before we did our Kintting Factory show, the SINGER rented a huge rehearsal room in Hollywood for 2 nights. He then told us to invite some close friends down to sit and “vibe” with us. The room could hold 30 people comfortable and about 30 showed up, including Richard Creomlin of the Los Angeles Times. We played for about 2 or 3 hours both nights and had a great time. The SINGER also let anyone who wanted to, videotape that rehearsals (gee, where are THOSE boots?) Things were certainly different fromt the old days. These were things that were going thru my head while I was soaking up the new music that had me walking on cloud 9. I was experiencing probably what Jay Donnellan or Johnny Echols felt. I was as close as you could get.

Mike Randle


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