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“Agistri to Agina…”
April 12, 2003

Ok, got up this morning, had a cup of coffee and then had to run to catch the Agistri express, which takes you to Agina, the BIG Island. the ride is about 15 min and there’s a bar on it so no harm, no foul, as Chick Hearn was apt to saying…and so..get to the island like at 11:15 am and rent a motor bike for 10 euros…had to get gas…told the woman,”1 euro of gas, unleaded”…she said, “2 euros, super unleaded” and that’s what it’s like on these islands; people will take your money like it ain’t nuthin’, jack. So then, squirted around and looked at this and that and went into some villages and stuff and then the sun came out (it was cloudy, about 66F at first) and then it got to about 70F and I went to the cove and watch the fishermen do their thing. Picked up an authentic fisherman’s hat and felt cool, ok? Returned the bike a few hours later and found the best bar on planet earth (but not before getting some amazing Calamari and salad at a great restauraunt,. which also made it’s own wine…) After that, I missed my boat and had to talk to the water taxi down from 25 euros to 5 euros to get back to Agistri…ran into an old pal…A-BOD!!!! (remember him? that should have been a diary contest question!)…he had come for the weekend…so we all plan to party tonight and tomorrow I trek it to the athens airport and fly to london for a curry with richard meehan and then sleep at his flat and then catch my 3pm flight to LA…..THEN THEN THEN…I land at 3pm LA time (same day) and have 5 hours to sleep and do laundry and then hop an 11pm flight to SYDNEY where I leave on the 14th and land on the 16th. Iz this fun er what?

Mike Randle


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