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“Greetings from Sydney!”
April 16, 2003

“Greetings from Sydney!” I left London at noon Monday and landed at 3pm that same Monday…went to Rusty’s, showered did laundry, drank 3 beers, ate 2 tacos and then we headed back to the airpot to catch our 11pm flight to Sydney. The Qantas plane left LAX around 11:45pm MONDAY and landed nearly 15 hours later on WEDNSDAY MORNING!. We were met by our Australian crew, Rob (tour Mgr.) and Matrix (Road tech.). The other guys rode back to the hotel with Rob and i rode alone with Matrix. Turns out Matrix used to work for both YOU AM I and THE CLOUDS, two great Australian bands. he said a few guys from You Am I will be at the show tomorrow. Cool. Also, saw a cool poster featuring Grant Lee Phillips show in Sydney, Melbourne and at the Byron Bay festival that we’re playing on sunday as well. We finally were checked into the hotel by 11am and afterwards rusty and daddyo went shopping and chapple, the singer, and myself went looking for kabobs (we found the place!)….our hotel is totally cool and the view of the city is amazing…the air here is crisp and the city almost reminds me of San Diego (but way cooler and way way prettier and not even close to being conservative like S.D.) We play Sydney tomorrow and then fly to the Gold Coast and then to Melbourne I think. Can’t remember…all I know is, I was in Greece on Sunday and it feels like monday and I’m in Australia and they tell me it’s wed. Hmmm…say, any word on a dublin video yet? singer asked me about it…Cheers!

Mike Randle


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