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“At my house I got Dave Chapple”
May 19, 2003

Actually, I was at HIS house today. It was a really nice, smoggy LA day, loads of traffic from a Dodger game and I even saw a bum pull down his pants, pull out his tackle and rain down on some frightened person’s car in the middle of Sunset Bl, across the street from the Cat and Fiddle (Morrisey’s hang out). And that just keeps it interesting. I stopped off at my favorite El Salvadorean restauraunt in Mt. Washington (off San Fernando and Division) for 3 Carne Asadas, then drove down ave. 28 to Figueroa. I planted myself on Chapple’s couch and we listened to music for like 2 hours. Dave Green came by (he lives a few blocks from Chapple) and we kinda kicked back and enjoyed ourselves. Poor Rusty is sick so let’s wish him well. When I left his house, the Piston/Nets game was on the radio…and the Piston’s had the game but the nets’ JASON KIDD, made a great shot and that proved to be all she wrote. I remember when jason played in college at California berkley. yep. He was bad ass then.

May 19 is a very good friend of mine’s 10-year anniversary. Congrats to him, his wife and their new kid, who’s gotta be about 6 months old by now. He was a mentor to me for so many years. He used to manage an indie record store in santa monica in ’89 and i was his asst. mgr. I learned alot and i owe him big time. And now I am playing a part in the resurgence of Forever Changes being brought to the wolrd live, for the first time, and my friend is a successful DJ in Los Angeles and a successful creative force in the film business, supervising and placing music in movies and tv (if you like “6ft. under” and the music, thank him) So, this is a dedication of sorts to my old friend, the guy I used to sit around the piano with and sing songs with, the guy who showed me what TRUE sarcasm meant (and how to torture people with it), the guy who always kept a little bit of Yonkers with him no matter where he went. happy anniversay, to Gary and Alice Calamar. Ten years is nothing to sneeze at (which is how long i spent in traffic today…)

Mike Randle


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