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“This is the profession we have chosen”
May 16, 2003

“2 more weeks”

Well, Los Angeles is already to get the forever changes experience and Jazmaan called my mobile today to say that he was buying a round of drinks for all the Swedes wed night when they arrive, if they can make it down to the Tavern on main street, in santa monica. Big heart, that one! Don’t know if I’ve ever said it but, the kinks are in my top 5 all-time fave groups and I was watching the Sopranos tonight (I rented the DVD for season 3, episodes 5,6 and 7) and everytime the strippers (there we go with them strippers again) were dancing (at “BADA BING”), THE KINKS song, “living on a thin Line” would play. made me feel good for Dave Davies, the overlooked kink, who lives a few blocks from me. Speaking of dave, his sound guy, Pete, will be doing sound for us on these usa dates. Pete also has done sound (as well as tour manage) for the Wondermints and Elliot Smith. He’s one of the good guys.

When I was renting the Sopranos DVD, I was like sooooo tempted to get Ashley and Mary-Kates new DVD adventure but I figured it could wait till the weekend.

Still, I simply cannot express how much I look forward to watching it and any of you have not had the pleasure of checking these two 17 year old geniuses out, visit their site: www.marykateandashley.com and you be the judge. Whups! did I say 17? I meant 16…my bad.

Ok, I got an e-mail telling me to be at the studio day after tomorrow to rehearse. Now that my LAKERS are out of the dang playoffs downtown is safe to drive in again….wait! I forgot, the DUCKS are kicking ass at hockey! Dammit all…what is going on with anaheim? now, if you ever visit anaheim, especially a high school, you’ll notice all the student athletes are on steroids. That’s because they are getting them ready for the Angels. Just ask anyone. Them boys are simply too big to be eating just grapenuts.

I missed the lunar eclispe that happened…and I wanted to see…for the heck of it…yep, and I got a very funny e-mail from a WAFFLEHOUSE manager who happens to be a LOVE fan! Yep, this guy lives (and works) in Missouri. I told him not to hold his breath, we’re not really on the corn circuit (ok, sorry St. Louis.) But it was nice anyways…and he said he might get jiggy wid it and drive to chicago. ok, your call, fella. we’d love to have you just the same.

Also, may I express to those of you wonderful music lovers that have e-mailed me about a june release for the live CD; I am not the guy to talk to. Sorry. Trust me in that, on any given day, you know more than I do. If they say it’s out in june, it should be. But you want it to be the best so if it’s a little later than that, I hear it’s worth the wait. And a bonus CD to boot! Even McDonald’s is jealous.

Now, I am bringing my portable v-tech e-mailer for the USA tour so be prepared for up-to-the-minute tour follies like last time…and gee, don’t you wanna visit kansas after THOSE diaries? but in the UK, I am turning the diaries over to some very able characters (drum roll, please)…..Scottish Keith……Mel Spice……North London Hilary (who could forget that brilliant greek diary?)….and either Lizzy or Caryne or both, howz zat? And where is Isle of man’s JANE in all this? And Martyn, the man who has more frequent flyer miles than Buzz Aldrin….

Mike Randle


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