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“Bada Bing”
June 19, 2003

Ok, so I just got thru episode 12, season 4 and a lot of questions are swirling thru my head about how this Sopranos season is gonna end. Now, Johnny Sac is obviously playing Tony Soprano against Camine; any fool can see that. But what’s his angle? Pauly Walnuts has been exposed as the guy who’s been talking to Johnny, which means he’s the guy that finked out the H.U.D. project that Carmine and Tony are fighting over. But Tony is true to his old friend, Pauly, and prefers to keep an eye on him. But Johnny Sac is trying to make things happen. I like how Tony kinda sits and lets Johnny make the moves and look nervous.

After Pauly killed the old lady for her mattress money I wouldn’t put anything past this lunatic. Seems he sang like a bird when he was in the joint and it was Johnny Sac holding the microphone. Is Tony gonna wack him in Season 5? Gee, Richie, Ralphie, Jackie Jr., Jimmy and Big Pussy are all dead (all “wacked” on Tony’s orders, except Richie, who was wacked by Janice Soprano, Tony’s sister.)

The last episode of season 4, episode 13, is being saved for tomorrow. After that it’s Soprano withdrawal, as i heard season 5 won’t get shown till march of 2004. Dang. So here i am, left to ponder if Furio will ever come back and kill Tony (and thus, having Carmella to himself), if Christopher wacks Adrianna when he finds out she’s been talking to the FBI, if Tony wacks Carmine, Johnny Sac or both, if Bobby gets wacked by Janice, if Meadow moves to Chicago, if Anthony Jr. EVER gets laid, if Silvio EVER smiles, if Pauly gets wacked, if Tony EVER sleeps with Dr. Melfi (and if she ever tells him about her rape?), if Tony ever confronts Carmella about the money in the duck feed, if Artie ever kills that total bitch wife of his at the restauraunt (how many people want to see that one?) and if Uncle Jr. EVER EVER EVER stops complaining. I guess we’ll simply have to wait and see…

Mike Randle


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