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“Almost Glastenbury time…”
June 19, 2003

I intimated to Manchester Natasha that, with Beckham making a trip over here 2 weeks ago and with Lennox Lewis throwing out the first pitch in that Dodger-Giants game the other night the only thing left is for Graham Norton to start at point guard for the Lakers next season and England will have accomplished a trifecta against it’s former colony.

The only payback is that, come June 27, our plane lands and once again LOVE will be back to rock the UK the only way we know how. This time it’ll be on TV and the Ensemble will be there as well so i am really looking forward to this. I know festivals can be hectic but i am going to try to savor every musical morsol of this extravaganza.

Also, if Caryne organizes a meet-up in Cardiff I shall be there and I shall be toting something for sale (being the salesman I am…)…and sorry, no pints for CDs…hopefully Mel Spice will be there (and how could she not?) …not 100% certain which Swedes are coming and which are staying home (we call them musical Swedes…ok, bad joke…) but when I know I will certainly make it known. Everyone asks if Kerstin is coming! I’ll let you know as soon as she lets me know! Well, I must be off to rehearse now…fight thru the thursday afternoon downtown traffic and play some LOVE tunes…

Mike Randle


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