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Mike Randle


“Being a responsible musician”
September 9, 2003

When we returned from the series of festivals we did in the UK and Spain in July (Glastonbury and Guilford in the Uk, Bilbao in Spain), the Singer asked me to find some string and horn players that could play our House of Blues show and the San Diego street scene show. This was on a bit of short notice and I knew it wouldn’t be easy. First thing I did was contact Probyn from the Wondermints/Brian Wilson band and Dan Clucas, who was reccomended to me from my friend, George “Baby” Woods.

Second thing I did was put in a call to my sweet and wonderful friend, Jenn Teft, who books at SPACELAND and the HENRY FONDA THEATRE, as well as playing flute in local awesome wonders, the WACO Orchestra. Jenn knows a lot of people so I had to narrow it down. A lot. But I knew that playing this music was a serious challenge and finding the right people was equally important. I knew what I had to do and what needed to be done. I knew what was most important and so I set out to do just that; find some cute gals who just happen to be great string players.

It wasn’t an easy job but someone had to do it. And I suppose that someone was me. I interviewed each person by phone. First it was Heather, the Viola player. She was going on and on about her musical experience and this and that – I can’t remember – cause I wasn’t really listening. Heather, are you a blonde? I asked. Yes. Ok, you got the gig. Next up was Ana. Ana has played Cello with A Perfect Circle and gigged with a variety of groups, as well as loads of studio work. Ok, got it. But, what I wanted to know is this; was she up for wearing a short skirt on stage? Yes? Ok, you got the gig. Next up, I put a call into Carrie. But Carrie had to be in Montana and would miss the H.O.B. show although she’d make the S.D. show. She was a regular in the Santa Monica Philharmonic. Well, Carrie, if you WERE here, would you be willing to wear tight leather pants? What, you’re wearing them now? Great, you got the gig.

I then rang up Paula. Paula had a nice history in violin playing and was very enthusiastic. She also had written some different charts for Carrie, to reduce some of the ‘violin repetition’ on stage. Wonderful. Paula, are you willing to wear a Bikini on stage? Yes? Great, you got the gig. The bikini line worked on Julie as well and, see, there you have it; a set of professional musicians, put together with all the skill and finesse of launching a space shuttle. All because we care about you, the ticket holder, the music supporter. Sniff Sniff. It’s enough to bring tears to your eyes, the level of dedication here.

Mike Randle


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