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“Like Doors opening the 21st Century”
September 8, 2003

The Doors Of The 21st Century

The show in San Diego was WAY fun. I peeped out and say Susan B way off to the left of the stage. Our crowd was not as big as the Doors of the 21st century. The friggin were great and Robbie was just UNBELIEVABLY amazing on the guitar. They played too long though and after 90 min I had to split cause I was starving (and thirsty, heh heh) but Ian Ashbury did introduce himself to me before the show. he was SOOOOOO nice and really loved our show. I really wanted to say hello to Robbie (hadn’t seen him in years) and get everyone’s autograph for the Freedom Man but when I returned they were all on the bus so sorry bout that F-man.

Mike Tunes Up For The First Song
Looks like Rusty’s havin’ Good Times!

I thought our set was really a good time. We did skip “Andmoreagain” but I think it was due to the fact that it was a slow tune and we only had 55 minutes to play. So we did “Your Mind” and then F.C. The strings and horns sounded good from where I was, though it was hard to tell cause I am always all the way to the other side of them. I remember the Singer having a great time and Chapple’s hair was blowing in the wind.

Now who’s that Hiding behind that amp?
Our New Friends

All pix by The New Guy

Goo-goo dolls were kinda dull. But hey, who am I to judge? Their fans liked it. X were awesome and I caught a bit of the B-52’s set as well, who were also good. But the Doors were really good. Ian did ‘Morrison’ so well you know Jim was pouring a bottle of rum down from the clouds as a toast! I told Ian how I used to ‘make out’ to those southern death cult records with a goth girl from the Palisades. He was glad to have played a part he said. Right on, I said, right on.

Mike Randle


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