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“Bushmills vs. Bushmills”
January 8, 2003

I got an interesting item in the mail today. Upon first glance, it appeared to be a glass thermo mailed all the way from northern Ireland. Then I saw the name on it. Barry Breshnehan. ok, I know that guy, I thought to myself. So I open it up and …. BAM, I big ass bottle of AUTHENTIC BUSHMILLS IRISH WHISKEY!

You can imagine how happy I was. But then I got curious; how different was it from MY Bushmills I bought here in Los Angeles? So I put em together and they pretty much looked alike. But then I noticed something different on the label of the USA version. it said “Irish Whiskey, a blend.”

A what? A BLEND? what’s A BLEND? The bottle barry sent said no such thing. The only solution left was to do the A-B test. So I cracked open the Barry bottle and the aroma that hit me goes beyond words. How come my USA bottle didn;t do that when I opened it? Then I did the taste test and the Irish bottle was BY FAR stronger and had much more body. Was my mind playing tricks on me? I still can’t figure it out.

I later realised why Barry put “Glass Thermo” on the declaration form; it’s illegal to send Alcohol to the USA from Europe/ UK via united states postal service. So, I guess the USPS are pretty stupid cause that’s a big ol bottle. and it’s mighty good. Barry, I owe thou one, mon frair.

Mike Randle


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