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Can’t explain
December 4, 2003

Well, while the LAKERS were whupping up on the San Antonio Spurs AGAIN, we were down in the studio working on several new songs before we finally record them. it was cool when the Singer strolled in (While we were already jamming) and we broke into Cant Explain and, gee, it was 1965 all over again…Don Conka was wailing away at tamborine and even the New Guy, Video Camera in tow, was documenting it all.

The recording mics weren’t set up and we didn’t want to lose any ideas so we had TNG film us as we worked out the arrangements. and it felt great to be back in teh studio and working on songs. dont get me wrong; the road is fun and wonderful and traveling is in my blood, but the fun of working on something new is just tops. one song really needed that something. so we tried out a new bridge and then decided to use that bridge twice and it worked really well. now, not every song needs a bridge but to me, a bridge is like the musical equivilent of Viagra; if you havea tune that seems to be sagging a bit, that maybe needs that something extra, a bridge can open a new door. i dont know if viagra does that actually. but you get the point.

Also, discussed what cool tunes from the past we are going to BUSTOUT on the feb/march tour. wel, i am not at liberty to say but even i was surprised at some of the Singers suggestions…pleasantly surprised…you miss this tour and you will be sorry. since we have 7 weeks before we spilt, we have time to really dig into the catalog and shake the set up, as well as the newer songs that will be performed. so watch out…

Mike Randle


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