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I love Paris in the spring (not winter and certainly not on my tv)
December 5, 2003

Paris Cabbagepatchin

So there I was, having this conversation with a friend of mine on whether Paris Hilton was simply a cute, frolicking rich girl who just wanted to get drunk, have fun and shag anything breathing OR was she just another blonde skank with no talent who was will to do anything to get on tv, when i noticed the Bushmills had disappeared from my glass. so I went for a refill and gave it some thought.

now don’t get me wrong; i can appreciate a shallow, daft tramp as much as the next guy..as far as entertainment goes…but what kind of message are we sending to our children…(yes, the CHILDREN, as Jacko would say)…when we put spent pieces of jet trash like Paris Hilton on her own show? one can only wonder what that does to our society…

Paris Skankin to the Beat

Paris has a reputation for getting out of her Gard after a few, ahem, DRINKS, as the photos will attest to. As a matter of fact, there are over 5,000 Paris Hilton porn sites that feature the Porn movie she (accidentally?) did with Rick Solomon (hey, i had to research it, OK?) so my question is, who gave the green light to put that little heifer on the telly? but my friend (who shall remain nameless) thinks that the show is cool and that maybe i am being a bit too serious about it.

Paris With The Girls

But what’s wrong with a little caution? I mean, we are talking about a woman who gets out of LIMOs like baseball players sit in the dugout – sans g-string – and then smiles for the camera! I dunno, either she’s actually smart (my friends opinion) or shes really dumb (my opinion) or shes really confused (very possible) or shes on drugs (getting warm) or possibly all-the-above (Bingo)…its so hard to say. i mean, there are people suffering all over the world and here i am writing about some ditsy woman living off Daddys money.

Well, the good news in all this is I should receive my IM ALAN PARDRIDGE dvd any day now and Josiah (the curly haired bloke from the 1st annual CANTEBURY SANGRIA HOOTENANNY) says he can burn me VCDs of both series 1 & 2 of BO SELECTA….i said can i get a reeeeeeeeeeeeeewind!!!!!!!! Speaking of Cantebury, dont count it out just yet. there may be another one in 2004 after all. no one will know though till summer. but if there is one, we will most certainly have to have part 2 of the Sangria Jam Sessions….and on that note….no saying f*ck or bugg*r!

Mike Randle


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