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“Cheap Chick and the AllMadonnaBrothers Band”
July 16, 2003

Last night was a total blast! I got onstage with the COVER PROBLEM (who ripped thru Bee Gees/Michael Jackson/Madonna/Van Halen songs like a samari sword thru butter) and played guitar on “Material Girl” thru a Marshall half stack. Lot of fun, that. Also ate a humungous burger when I first arrived. The burgers at the Troubadour are tops. Unfortunately, the guy who works the grill is an old cranky jerk. other than that, the grub is a go.

There was a film crew in the venue to film Cheap Chick for a real Cheap TRICK documentary. I was right upfront, banging my head all night like a true fan. I was also a bit tipsy, having done 3 Bushmills shots and drank 6 pints by that time. After the show, Dave “Cookiehead” Jenkins gave me a lift home (although I could have walked-who’s gonna mug you in West Hollywood?) and I was out like a light…Also, have not received my copy of the RFH show but I’ve seen the postings and I hope it’s not a problem that can’t be fix’d…rock on…

Mike Randle


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