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Mike Randle


July 17, 2003

Rumour has it there may be a pending LA show for LOVE, sometime before we set off for England again (we leave on the 22nd of August), which would be really fun. Don’t know what venue we’d play but it will be nice to redeem ourselves after a less-than-perfect UCLA show. Will keep you posted. Also just found out that Mr. Blair is paying us Yanks a visit Thursday to help his lil Texas buddy out of that ‘forged dossier’ business. Gee, what a nice guy. I wonder if he’s gonna lick any boots while he’s here?

And gee, just when the Catholic Church thought it was ready to bounce back from all the scandals, a study gets published today pretty much stating that ‘regular scheduled wanking’ keeps prostate at bay, at least if it’s mostly done in your 20’s. The church’s biggest fear has finally come true; doctors are now encouraging young men to ‘wank away with reckless abandon’ to prolong their lives! What are they gonna tell us next, that sex is actually GOOD for you? Ok, enough of that subject…

Although it isn’t officially announced yet (though I think it’ll be coming shortly in the “7 & 7 IS” newsletter), LOVE with ARTHUR LEE are scheduled (along with REM and WILCO) to perform at the annual SAN DIEGO STREET SCENE festival September 5. Not only is it an easy 2-hour drive to San Diego, but an absolutely gorgeous ride, once you get thru the ‘Orange Curtain’. Lots of good restaurants, hotels, bars and the best Fish Tacos money can buy. But I don’t think Martyn should embark on this trek, as nice as it is. Martyn, STAY HOME!

Mike Randle


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