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“Chillin’ with Don Conka and S.F. gets Ghetto”
March 23, 2003


Well, we had studio time booked kinda early on Friday, 11 am to be exact, and it was a really nice day so I put my guitar in my guitar travel bag and bicycled 3 Kilometers to the studio. I was greeted by the Singer, David Green, and former LOVE drummer, Don “Signed D.C.” Conka. It was nice to see Don again but, by showing up to the studio meant I was gonna miss Caryne and Lizzy in the chat room…which I will simply have to rely on gossip to find out what was talked about (and you KNOW how much I love gossip!).

NEWS FLASH: My favorite British show is no longer East Enders! Don’t get me wrong, I love the show (it comes on in 30 min,. come to think of it…), but my NEW fave Brit show is COUPLING! I think Jane is sooooo saucy…gee, maybe I should write HER a letter, ya think?

Also, to commemorate the USA’s “Shock and Awe” plan in the Iraqi invasion, I went down the street to Rosewood elementary and, in a similar display of “bullying-the-mismatched-opponent”, I beat up five 2nd Graders, took their lunch money and left them crying. Of course, they did put up a fight-more than I expected but, in the end, I wiped ’em out. That’ll show em! Also, the Diary gets loads of e-mails (thank you!) and only 1 person ever e-mails me to say positive things about Bush and Bush’s war. Althoug he and I disagree, we have a very good relationship and can communicate about lots of things, music-related and non music-related. Just because you disagree with someone (and feel VERY strongly in your point of view) doesn’t mean you shouldn’t allow them the freedom to have their thoughts about all whats going on.

But even The Diary slips up from time to time and, not only doesn’t practice what it preaches but can be a downright hypocrite. Case in point; I got an e-mail from a LOVE fan in S.F. who was telling me how the national media is not only downplaying the Peace movement around the nation, but actually censoring any police violence that the local media will broadcast as serious and worthy news. I pointed this out about the LA incident on Wed. This Fan said it happened in S.F. as well. Is it happening in your town?

I suppose this is the price we pay when huge corporations own media outlets and also (see G.E., who owns MSNBC) has Military contracts and makes BOMBS. Yep, General Electric makes weapons (when Iraq turned over that silly, outdated list to the U.N. back in January detailing their weapons they’d purchased over the last 6-10 years, the USA insisted they get the list FIRST, before any council members were alloyed to see it. When the papers were finally distributed, many things were “blotted out” with a sharpie. I woner just what was being witheld? That, Maybe…just MAYBE, some of those names were AMERICAN CORPORATIONS? No!!!!! Say it ain’t so! I mean, i’m not suggesting that the USA was getting it’s information about IRAQ’s weapons, not from intelligence-as they would have you believe…to further allow all that “spy money” to go where it pleases-but from the AMERICAN COMPANIES THEMSELVES…NO I AM NOT SUGGESTING THAT AT ALL.

Well back to the S.F. e-mail. Apparently, a car with BUSH supporters were dumb enough to drive thru an anti-Bush rally and got dragged out of their cars-Reginald Denny style-and got the holy piss beat out of them, according to this LOVE fan. Normally, this would make the national news, that this war could be driving Americans further away from each other. And from the News I hear from European LOVE fans, what they get and what we get hear in the USA ain’t quite the same thang. Ain’t even close. Is someone lying? Is there so much anti-americanism in Europe that they are making stuff up? Or is the US Media willing partners in a total, fascist and nationalist excersise to deviate the American public, purposefully hiding costs and true casualties? Say it ain’t so, Dub-B.

Mike Randle


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