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Mike Randle


“Last Night”
March 24, 2003

Well, the tour kicks off in a few days and I’m still running around like crazy…very tired, as the singer and I were in the studio till 12:30am last night finishing some tracks before we split for Holland. My goodness, I did a guitar solo for this one song and after trying it over 40 times I must have lost perspective because neither me or the engineer could tell if it was any good after a while! I think that’s called burnout!

Oh wow, I just remembered I have to e-mail our promoter, Glenn Povey (second wave productions, the man behind the glorious Cantebury Festival)…turns out that we’re playing a show in either Glasgow or Dublin at a venue called CARLING ACADEMY. Well, does that mean we get Carling beer backstage? If so, I’m sending it back! hey, I don’t care how much Carling that guy licks up in that Commercial, that stuff taste like shoe polish. When we played Birmingham Academy back in Jan, they had a case of Carling backstage and you KNOW I sent that sh*t back to where it came from.

So I have to put the word out to Glenn: NO CARLING THANK YOU VERY MUCH, Amigo! Anything but that…and while we’re on the subject, could you toss in a few bottles of Bushmills at the Dublin show? Ok, gotta run…I know there’s something I have to do…I just gotta remember what…and the Oscar goes to…(can America get any more insane than right now? My, how I long for the good ol days when Presidents needed hummers instead of bombers!)

Mike Randle


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