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“Crazy from the Heat”
July 10, 2003

Wow, first off i must say that the DEMOS UNDER CONSTRUCTION is selling WAY better than Keith and i anticipated (or were prepared for! Yet, we have so far kept up with demand!) and so, after the 16th (when i play at the Knitting factory) my guess is there will be no more. Both Keith and I agree that, since we innitially said it would be limited we’re gonna stick to it. So, you got 1 week to buy it if you want it! And thank you to all who have bought it, either in person or via mail. Thank you Thank you Thank you for the support and the very kind words.

Funny, but a nice girl (Corine) in Nottingham bought a CD and e-mailed me just this morning saying she really likes the songs but was curious what “Temescal was” and was it anything like “Extasy.” And then i was thinking, how in the heck did she come up with THAT. And then it hit me. In one of my tunes (City Life), the line goes something like this; “High on Temescal, we’ll watch the waves roll” yadda yadda yadda. So i explained to Corine that i was speaking of Temescal Canyon street, which winds down from Sunset blvd and ends at the beach (or the Pacific Coast Highway, if you wanna get technical about it…) When you are at the top of Temescal it’s a very nice view of Palisades Beach. I used to sit and write songs at the park, which is halfway down the canyon road, and then walk down to the beach and watch the girls play volleyball. Ah, the good ol days…

So, Natasha has to have recieved those diaries by now. I suggest Scottish Keith ring her up and harrass her a bit. I have turned the reponsibility of the Diaries over to her-six in all, and the wieght of the world lies squarely on her shoulders. I have no doubt she’ll rise to the occasion. I’m just pushy, is all! Jeez, it was 91F here in LA yesterday. Hot Hot Hot…just plain hot. Talked to Jazmaan yesterday and he wants to see the BBC performances. Is anybody gonna put it on something and send it this way?

When i was a kid, i had a best friend named Michael Smith. We did everything together and we were tight buddies from age 4 till about age 12, when his family moved out the city and into the suburbs. One day he was throwing rocks at a full, 5 gallon glass bottle of Arrowhead drinking water on his folks back porch. I thought this was really stupid and told him that much. He continued to throw rocks at it till, you guess it, he cracked the bottle and then-just like that, the whole thing fell apart sending water and glass everywhere. I figured he’d panic cause he knew he was in trouble but he didn’t break a sweat. So i didn’t worry about it. We played ball for a few hours and then i went home for supper.

THE VERY NEXT DAY i’m walking home when i hear Michael’s mom call my name. I walked over and she GRABS my arm and JERKS me to her backyard. His mom treated me like a son so i figured i must have really done something but had forgotten. And when you’re 9, it’s easy to lose track of what you might be in trouble for. That’s why i never admitted anything until my parents TOLD me what i was in trouble for. Well, Mrs. Smith said that Michael told her i broke the water bottle! That I WAS THE ONE throwing rocks at it. keep in mind, I NEVER EVEN JOINED in! I looked her right in the eye and swore to her that it was him and not me. I don’t know what Michael was thinking but his mom used to punish him and his siblings with a thick leather belt. I always felt bad for them in that way. His parents were great, smart people, but his mom had a thing for belts. When i went home i KNEW he was gonna get it. But i didn’t take the wrap for him cause he lied on me. And i KNEW he would have never taken the wrap for me. I bring this story uo because i’ve been following the WMD soap opera on both continents and, from what i gather, BUSH is blaming the Intelligence debacle on BRITIAN! Yep, and Blair is taking it like a man, bless him.

Appearently, the US sent it’s agents to Africa to suss out this “Saddam buying Uranium” stuff and came back and said it was false, not a word to it. Still, it was included in January’s STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS. The CIA got VERY pissed off and INSISTED thier name be taken off as the source of the intelligence. This was “11th hour” stuff happening totally behind closed doors. So, without warning and with NO PROOF, and NO WARNING to Britian, the Speech writers named BRITAIN as the credible source of intelligence. Downing Street has been covering up for the USA ever since. If i am wrong, and i really hope so, even the most partisan investigation should be able to come up with something to glue it all together. But if i am right, the implications that two nations conspired to fabricate intelligence in order to invade a Soveriegn nation-and to complete sidestep the UNITED NATIONS, for PERSONAL reasons, will have a devistating affect on the world. The people of the world cannot afford for the USA and the UK to be the “bad leutinents.” It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out.

But just like my childhoodfriend destroyed the bottle-thus putting himself AND me, under suspicion, Bush has conned Blair and Yankee puppet, Jack Straw, into believing that when the dust clears the USA will have a spot on the roster for Britain. Think again, fellas. BUSH is home free. He already blamed you when you weren’t looking. Now you guys have to fight with the BBC (which you own, how funny is that!) and deal with that nasty British press and their wonderful sense of humor. BUSH can move on to more important things like cutting social programs and drilling for oil. Blair looks like one of those poor elk caught between 20 hungry hyaenas. When Washington finishes spinning this, it’ll look like Britain misled the USA. And before you start thinking that Americans will put two and two together and figure out the truth, keep in mind that over 60% of high school students in the USA thought Canada was a city. This was 4 years ago. These people are now elgible to vote. As long as you don’t run out of ketchup you won’t hear us complaining. So, if i had any advice to Blair it would be this; take it from a 9-year old. Don’t take the fall for nobody. Now where did i put those dang WMDs…..

Mike Randle


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