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Mike Randle


July 7, 2003

Monday, Day 12, July 7th

Wake-up call rang thru about 9.30am. Shower, shaved and tuned into BBC 2 and something about the BBC having a rift with Blair and some MPs which (to me) seems incredible that any government should be believed that owns its media outlet that is accusing it of a cover-up. Or, in the words of the BBC, ‘sexing up’ a dossier. Any fool knows a government sponsored inquiry into it’s own questionable behaviour always leads to ACQUITTAL. The fact they make you wait is the only cruel thing about it.

Our taxi left the hotel just before noon and we were getting ticketed less than 30mins later. After that, we had breakfast, which was cheese and tuna sandwiches, with or without sardines (depending on your choice). The Singer and I recalled the Dublin show. We played at ‘The Village’ in January and he really liked the bootleg Scottish Keith send to him. I heard it and was quite impressed as well. I remember having a champagne toast after the show, in honour of (trumpet player) Steffan’s birthday. I also offened a good friend that night, which I still regret to this day. Although they’ve since forgiven me, I think they should know how sorry I am that it happened at all. The road can shape people in strange ways sometimes, and even I have been a jerk a few times. It’s important to remember who your friends are and to respect who got you’re here.

Flight to London was bumpy and there were yappy 12-year-olds making noise the whole time. Slept part of the way and also read some Truman Capote short stories. Landed at Heathrow around 6pm and the customs guy recognised us from TV and let us though without hassle: a first.

Finally, sat down in my hotel room and mailed these diaries to the dark satanic mills in Manchester for typing. So figure, day 13, Tuesday, to be a 12 hour flight to Los Angeles. I leave London at 11am and land at 2pm in Los Angeles. It will be great to be home, though it was wonderful to be in England again, amongst friends and fans, and finally visit Wales. All in all, not a bad trip for 13 days.

Mike Randle


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