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“Crazy like a FOX”
November 1, 2003

(note: this diary is an editorial. It’s a political editorial. maybe slightly comic but not much. If you are an avid watcher of Fox news you may want to go do something else – it’s is too late for you as it is. Everyone else, enjoy this read and hopefully it won’t scare you like it scared me. NOTHING on Halloween is scarier than Fox News. Trust me.)

Dear Friends, just when you thought those wacky kids at Fox News couldn’t possibly tickle your tummy any more than they already do, get this; the link below is a REAL letter written by a Fox News lawyer to the guy who runs the website www.oreilly-sucks.com


Of course, our hero, Bill O’Reilly, is the subject of said site. But Bill has gone so far is to get the Fox lawyers to file yet ANOTHER frivolous lawsuit (the first being the one against Al Franken for using the slogan ‘Fair and Balanced’…the judge LITERALLY laughed te Fox Attys out of court…TRUE! They walked out in protest because the judge couldn’t stop laughing when they suggested that normal people would get Al’s book confused with a ‘legit’ Fox book because the title was misleading…ok…where was i….) against a guy for having a website that has no advertising. Hmmm.

Now, to give my non-American friends an idea of how kooky the Fox News Channel is, these idiots tried to sue the Simpsons Producers earlier this year. TRUE STORY. Well, why does that make them idiots you ask? How about this: THEY OWN THE SIMPSONS. That’s right. They went so far as to file a lawsuit. Why? Because the Simpsons had a skit that mimicked the Fox News and at the bottom ticker read things like “Democrats responsible for Cancer” and stuff like that. I mean, these guys get laughed out of court because they have no sense of humor. ANYBODY can watch Fox for 5 minutes and know EXACTLY what their agenda is. They don’t even TRY to hide it! Hello!

But the problem with suing yourself (besides the obvious stupidity of suing yourself)is that you not only are paying Lawyers to sue yourself, but you are also paying lawyers to DEFEND yourself. DUH!!!!!! According to Simpson’s creator, Matt Groening, he was betting just that; that Rupert Murdock wasn’t THAT stupid. (apparently, NO ONE at Fox wanted to sue Franken. It was O’Reilly the bully who insisted, having, you know, the ‘top rated cable news show.’)

Now, even beyond any of this is an interesting article in the LA TIMES today. It’s a story on a former Fox Producer of 6 years who recently quit. But he’s now spilling the beans…and boy is he spilling em. Check this article out:


Now, the reason for this little rant is that i have a point that i want to raise and it’s this one; if a very influential news media corporation, a TOP RATED one at that, influences or effects or, heck, INSPIRES other news media corporations to copy their formats or, at the very least, ARE INCORPORATING SOME OF THOSE OPINIONS AND TACTICS, how are we, THE PUBLIC, to believe in presidential public opinion polls if the main and top rated news source is SUBJECTIVE and in bed with the Presidents people. How is this any different from Italy or WWII Germany? I mean, to me America has principles…or HAD principles. Not it’s going to the highest bidder.

Think about that. Because i am. I mean, do you ever see Bush’s approval rating at like 51% and scratch yer head? You KNOW it can’t be right. I know MANY republicans that think the guy is driving drunk again. But if FOX is doing their thing and other news companies are atleast unwilling to be TOO far away from FOX’s opinions – lest they wish to be branded ‘tree huggin liberals – doesn’t that give you feeling that you, the citizen, are being completely had? All i ask is that you read that article. If it’s even 25% true the ‘NEWS’ part of FOX should be eliminated. Maybe they could change it to JIVE, as in “FOX JIVE, the #1 rated cable Jive company.”

So, in summation my friends, i think, based on Fox’s role in the media since Dubya has taken office, the public should remove ATLEAST 9% points from Bush’s approval rating to make up for the obvious subjective influence that Fox has on ALL media. But maybe i’m giving them too much credit? I mean, most people I know think Fox is a joke anyway. But I think Howard Dean had it right when he said you can’t just CHANGE Presidents. You have to change America. Preach on, brother.

Mike Randle


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