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Mike Randle


“Day 3, 4, 5, 6 (mon-thur)”
November 13, 2003

so monday we went down for sound check at the BBC and boy, it was groovy but them be some cheap mofos. water, tea coffee. you want anything else you gotta buy it. but we did that the afternoon and they were all pors. our technician, Henry, wsa a gas. might good bloke, that one, although a bit on the cheeky side but who isn’t in england? our monitor guy, chris, set us up well and we ran thru several things. after that we went back to the hotel and had some beers in the lobby bar then headed off down holland park (towards Hyde park but not as far) to a pub for dinner. everyone else had the haddock but i had the curry. it was all good and it was (sound guy) Kose very first fish and chippy. poor Dane! After that we went back tot he hotel bar and drank a bit more and then called it a night. ON TUESDAY we got up and had breakfast at the hotel and then after relaxing a bit i walked to Shepard’s Bush market for abit and then came back. Went to BBC camera rehearsals and stayed there till about 4pm and headed back to the hotel but actually a buch of us stopped at the slug and lettuyce for dinner and pints. then we did go back to the hotel and had to be back at the BBC at 8pm. the show started at 8:30 and Jools is one funny cheeky fella. Travis played first (they were very very good) and then the Distillers (they were very very very loud) and then we played ALONE AGAIN OR…and then Jools did his usual thing and this and that and it was all hilarious and fun and the cameras are EVERYWHERE and crew are ducking and there’s thing band playing and a choir part and a uke girl and then more of us and then a jam with everyone (oh wait, that’s how the show started!) and then we did OYU SET again and Travis did another song over as well as the punk band did another. we all drank and partyed afterwards and some friends came back to the hotel bar (ringo and posse) and we had even more pints…oh dang…that’s only mon/tue..ok…tomorrow i’ll do wed/ thus…. gotta run…my guiness is ready now…FROM DUBLIN!!!

Mike Randle


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