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“London: day two”
November 11, 2003

so it was now monday (we arrived on sunday) and th Singer wanted to go shopping so Chaple and I went along and then we walked around and stuff…chatted to Ringo for a spell and basically just checked out the Sheppard’s Bush market area. got back to hotel around 1pm and then the Swedes arrived with our sound Guy, KOSE’ (you remember Kose’…”Damn man, let’s make a pahtee on de hotel man, godamn!”)…Kose is also found of saying he has the “informations.” so around 5pm we headed to the BBC to sound check and go over the technical stuff. when we arrived another band, (the distillers?) were soundchecking. then we did our thing and low and behold, the crew took notice, especially during the trumpet solo in ALONE AGAIN OR…so we felt a bit special and we have a feeling it’s gonna be nice. after that, all the swedes took off to go dancing (they love to dance; what can i tell you?) and Kise, Daddyo, Chgapple, Rusty, Glenn and myself found a nice pub and watched the Everton/Blackburn game whilst having pints and fish and chips (actually, everyone else had that while i had the house curry) and we were all pulling for Everton but they still lost 2-1 but had a chance to tie it; the bloke had the ball 1 foot from teh net and kicked it to high heaven for whatever reason… after that we walked back to the hotel and everyone was tired and went to bed…i tried to have a walk out on such a gorgeously cold night (it was about 50F) but got bored and headed back to the hotel. tomorrow was gonna be an all day affair at the BBC with camera angles and such. still, that LATER stage is so incredibly fun looking and everyone that works there is spot on cool. so, tomorrow we shall see what this LOVE band can accomplish on national british tv. until then, it’s all pints. from london…

Mike Randle


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