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“Dear Mike (yep, it’s that time again…)”
June 9, 2003

Last year I answered letters ala the diary and the response was kinda fun so I figured I ‘d do it again and hope no one would guess that I was simply too lazy to write a diary…

Dear Mike, My wife and I would love to make dinner for you! She’s a great cook and we are major LOVE fans and caught the show you guys did in Detroit last year. But we have a question; Do you ever have past life experiences and if so, would you ever explore them in the diary? Tammy & Lance, Detroit MI

Dear Tammi and Lance, thanks so much for the dinner offer. I would love a home cooked meal. Be careful what you wish for! As far as the other stuff, as much as I have been known to get “quite merry”, I still have yet to have any kinda of close encounters or stuff like that; I’d be the worst human to take back to another spacetime continuum.

Dear Mike, My sister says you are rad on the guitar and my folks say I missed out on the show at the Fillmore. If you are so good, how come you’re not famous? Scott, Daly City, California

Good question, Scott. How famous do you have to be? To be honest, I’d rather be successful than famous.

Dear Mike, I really wanted my money back after that BB KINGS show in November of last year. I passed on those expensive UCLA tix last week and then hear from my friends that it wasn’t all that good. What’s the deal? Are the UK shows exagerated by those fans or do you guys just could care less about the red, white and blue? Ann, L.A.

Well Ann, we’ve done a lot of shows in the last year…many shows…if we’re guilty of anything, it’s being rusty (no offense to Rusty) and a bit behind the 8-ball sometimes. We certainly aint perfect but we aims to please. I would say for every not-so-good-show we do 30 great shows. Of course, I’m biased!

Dear Mike, I wrote you an e-mail and you never wrote me back. Jesse, Miami

Dear jesse, yer e-mail bounced. CLEAN THAT BOX OUT…

Dear Mike, Who you got in the Superbowl, brother! Tommy, L.A.

Yo Tommy…what’s up! I got the eagles versus the Dolphins. Eagles win 51-24 (clip and save…)

Dear Mike, How come you never come to Norway anymore? Your group is so great, the love music so strong and big but no visits in the longest time. I saw LOVE at the cruise cafe years ago. The cruise was a small restaurant. we could not believe our eyes to see the man himself singing the beautiful words! Please, tell me when you are coming back to play here! I made a drawing of your last concerts here. I want to give to the group if that is ok. Freda Ohlsson, Oslo

Thanks to all who let me reprint their letters.

Mike Randle


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