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“I miss the Swedes!”
June 10, 2003

Well, now that it’s been 5 days since we all hung out at “Jimmy’s Corner”, near Times Square, I am missing those Scandis like something awful. And this gets me to Freda’s question from Norway that I FORGOT to answer is the last diary. When are we next in Norway? Good question. I can’t say, really, but I hope by August.

Also I certainly need to thank Kevin in Seattle for the SOPRANOS season 4 on VHS…yes…you rule, man! Sorry I have not e-mailed you…I am trying to get to all the e-mails; it’s going to take a while but i will, I promise. Don’t know about the rest of the world but Los Angeles is having some weird “june Gloom” weather…I don’t like it…

Well, thank you to everyone who came out for those four shows…super thanks to Scott and Juliana and Fritz and we forgive that bar (“Gamers?”) for not having Bushmills but at least they had Hoegarden on tap (Hoes gotta drink too) and a big thanks to Craig down in San Diego for making the trek to UCLA as well as sending me that Hilarious link!

Mike Randle


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