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“Demos Out of Construction”
July 18, 2003

A big ‘thank you’ to everyone who picked up the DEMOS UNDER CONSTRUCTION CD! We here at Scottish Rose Recordings (aka Me and Scottish Keith) decided to cap the amount we’d print up and not a go a copy further. We have now reached that amount and so, if you didn’t get a copy, sorry but there aren’t anymore. So many LOVE fans are so nice I’m sure they could burn a copy or something (but you won’t get the nice artwork and the CD design Keith slaved over.)

I’ve yet to hear or see the new record but can’t wait to open my copy and have those Cds fall out! Fritz (in Ohio) opened up the Bushmills and got emotional with his friend while listening to the record. How exciting! Speaking of OHIO, I have been listening a lot to the JAMES GANG who I only recently found out were from CLEVELAND! Holy feck, man! See, Joe Walsh has always been one of my faves on the lead guitar and “Funk #49” and “Walk Away” simply blow just about everything on today’s chart out of the water. Joe’s kinda a kook as well. I remember him talking about running for President about 10 years ago. And he smokes lots of dope. But then again, After Clinton (toke) and Bush (snort), Joe would fit right in, assuming we could get him out of his pool in Malibu.

Speaking of malibu, anyone remember the surf punks? when I was 14, those guys were one of my faves. I got to meet one of em back in ’88, as my girl at the time, grew up in malibu and took me to some volleyball parties and DREW STEELE was there. He was the son of that guy who was the captain of the LOVE BOAT. His partner in the Surf Punks, Dennis Dragon, was the brother of former Beach Boy touring keyboardist (and one half of the CAPTAIN & TENNILE), Daryl Dragon. Those guys were cool. All they liked doing was surfing and drinking beer and chasing tail. They HATED people from the Valley coming over thru Canaan-Dune on the weekends to cool out on the malibu beaches. They even wrote a song about it (Canaan’s Doomed) that went something like this:

There’s a road in malibu yeah yeah big and fat yeah yeah it goes to the valley, yeah yeah we don’t like that! no, no!

Ok…enough useless factoids for today…ok, on Monday a story about something nice.

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