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“The Diary vs. the CIA and the US Government”
July 17, 2003

Lee Majors – Candy Rice

Call it ‘Passing the Buck 101’ or ‘The Whitehouse Shuffle’ but apparently, CIA Director, George Tenet, has NAMED a top Whitehouse person as the one who insisted the faulty information about uranium be included in January’s state of the union address. This all came out in closed door top secret hearings in congress yesterday. now, if memory serves me well, I remember lots of people marching against invading Iraq and nearly half the country supported allowing the u. n. inspectors to continue to do their job and not be cut short.

But then we were given loads of info about Iraq’s nuclear and bio-tech stock pile and how our safety, and that of the rest of the world, was in serious jeopardy. Now, Russia and France and Germany were being serious thorns in our sides and we needed something concrete, something with serious meat to it, to get the majority of America on board for this invasion. The ‘meeting of the coalition of the willing’, or that 1 hour lunch that Blair, bush and that dude from Spain had on that island, was meant to show us that ‘they were really trying’ to avert war.

hmmm. whether you like bush or not, this situation goes beyond him. It nearly implies that there are people in his administration going round his back and making decisions that not only affect innocent people’s lives (just ask 3,000 unfortunate Iraqi civilians who got smoked), endanger our military, destabilize the world, undermine the untied nations but deceives the American public, thus weakening the whole idea of what democracies stand for. Of the people, for the people.

Georgie T. stood up and said,’it was my fault.’ I think the guy should be fired. as a matter of fact, if I were bush I’d fire candy rice as well (my guess is she’s the hawk who pressured tenet.) after that, I’d fire Powell. I mean, he’d make a better prez than bush (well, my big toe would make a better president but that’s another story) but he’s utterly ineffective doing whatever his job is supposed to be. but then again, where is bush gonna find 2 more black people to take their place? I mean, powell was easy, in that he worked for daddy bush (come to think of it, doesn’t EVERYONE in this administration used to work for daddy bush? ….kinda picking up where they left off, eh?) but finding rice was like finding a needle in a haystack. every time she comes on the telly I just wanna run in the other direction. and if Ashcroft isn’t Lucifer’s cousin I don’t know who is. have you ever seen someone so sneaky looking?

And now George Tenet has fingered the culprit but we’ll never know who it is caused, just like the British government runs the BBC, every branch of the US government is CONTROLLED by a conservative lot. The Presidency, the house of reps, the senate and the us supreme court. try to get to the bottom of this mess. go ahead and try! you will NEVER, EVER find the one. no matter how much you may think you will.

So the advice the diary gives is to get ready for the NFL season-it’s the only thing to look forward to (well, that and a JAMES GANG box set…) I mean, if people want to fall in line like sheep who am I to stop them? personally, I don’t want al-Qaeda blowing up my amp (our UK amp rental company does that job just fine) so I vote to leave those guys alone and let the U.N. stay on their ass. it works out better for everyone. I don’t want to be the most hated country again. seemed to me we’d lost that title for a while but now it’s back and Americans don’t feel safe.

They tried to throw tenet overboard-and it looked like a good job..he was pretending to drown and everything. And then, just like BIG PUSSY on the Sopranos-that time he showed up when everyone thought he was dead? Tenet says he was pressured to let the info stay. That doesn’t sound like he’s taking the blame. this guy is in the CIA. doesn’t he know how to lie? what is he, stooopid? oh wait, he’s a DEMOCRAT. OK, now I see. he’s figuring it like this; why should I lie for these guys? well, because you already lied, loser! How can you take the blame and THEN blame someone else? OK, who’s to blame? would someone please raise their hand?

Colt Seavers

Mike Randle


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